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Magento themes: a great way to create an ecommerce store

Are you planning on creating an e-commerce store using Magento? It is one of the best CMS for this purpose, which will ensure scalability, easy management, and great performance of your online store. Magento is used by a range of well-known brands, such as Samsung, Nike, Louboutin, and others.

While you will get access to various tools and features, it is also important to build an attractive design. Eventually, it takes just a few seconds for a user to evaluate your design and decide whether he likes it or not. Making a good impression right away is very important. There are two ways for you to go when it comes to creating an appealing design for your eCommerce store — resorting to professional services from developers or purchasing and downloading a ready-made Magento site template.

On pwtthemes.com, you will find a large collection of templates, from a Magento portfolio theme to templates for multiple stores. Find out more about our products, the benefits of using pre-built themes for your eCommerce store, and how to pick a suitable option.

Benefits of pre-made Magento templates

Pre-made themes are those that have already been built by a developer and now are available for sale. They can be quickly downloaded and used right off the bat. Such themes come with a range of features ensuring their great performance. However, they can also be easily customized.

The main benefits of ready-made solutions are the following:

Great price

Buying a template for your site will save you a lot of money. The price ranges depending on different factors, such as the number of features, customization options, the availability for users, and others. For instance, you can decide to opt for an excusing theme at a higher price to ensure that no one else will have the same design.


It is quick and easy to find help when you need to get some info on your theme or manage some issues. It is possible to apply for support either from our reps or from our partners’ reps. Also, there is plenty of info on how such themes can be managed on the Internet.


It is a very important aspect to keep in mind. All the themes that you can find on our website are user-friendly, ranging from templates created for a single eCommerce store to Magento theme multi-store options. You can test the usability of each theme in a very simple way:

Find a theme by using the search option on our website;
  • ● Point the template with mouse cursor;
  • ● Click the Demo option;
  • ● Navigate the site to check how you like it.

You can choose a proper theme with the required functionality. However, if you wish to customize your template, it can be done without any problems. You can simply add a script that you like. Just contact our support team, and they will provide you with helpful information on how this can be done.


It takes days or even weeks to develop a theme from scratch while purchasing it from our store allows you to use it straight away. Since you can see what kind of product you are about to buy, no unpleasant surprises will be encountered.

How to choose the right theme?

It is not that easy to pick an appropriate theme among a large variety of free and paid options. When it comes to picking an ideal theme, pay attention to different aspects, such as pleasant design and the availability of necessary features. Below, you will find detailed instructions on how to choose a perfect theme on pwtthemes.com.

Searching for an Applicable Theme

This can be done in the following ways:

  • ● By categories;
  • ● By entering relevant keywords.

When searching by categories, you need to click the All Categories section to find themes matching your industry. In particular, you can pick a theme for the following:

  • ● Agriculture;
  • ● Business;
  • ● Personal pages;
  • ● Electronics;
  • ● Software and others.

Searching by keyword allows you to get more specific themes. All you need to do is to enter a relevant keyword in the Enter Keyword section. For instance, if you use Magento 2, which is the latest version of the e-commerce platform, you should be searching for Magento 2 themes. This is how you can find a Magento 2 B2B theme if you are planning to sell your goods to businesses or a B2C theme if you are planning on offering products or services to individual customers. Remember also to choose a corresponding CMS type.

Checking something out based on a design

You may have your own ideas on the layout, colors, and design elements that you want to see in your site design. Once you do an initial search, you will see a variety of options to pick from. You may find several designs to your liking. Compare them to choose the best one by the following:

  • ● Features and functionality;
  • ● Ratings;
  • ● Price.

Considering features and functionality

It is great if you find a beautiful theme that matches your expectations, but you also want to make sure that it is the right choice in terms of functionality. By clicking on the template you like, you get access to more detailed information about it. In the right sidebar, you will see such info as:

  • ● Ratings;
  • ● Features;
  • ● Functionality;
  • ● Coding;
  • ● Template hosting requirements and more.

If you find it difficult to understand whether a certain theme is provided with enough features, you can contact our representatives and tell them what you need. Our specialists will give you helpful explanations and recommendations.

Bottom Line

Our high-quality themes for e-commerce sites based on Magento are a good choice for many reasons. A wide range of options, clean codes without hidden scripts, reasonable prices, and effective support are just a few benefits of using our services.

All the themes found on our website have been developed by qualified and experienced developers. Each theme is built with the needs of e-commerce stores and the peculiarities of particular industries in mind.

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