Admin Dashboard Templates

Bootstrap as a great solution for creating a beautiful admin panel for your site – stylish, fast, and efficient

The admin dashboard templates are ideal for creating a great website, whether you are a developer or not. This can be done with the help of the Bootstrap responsive admin templates, which are not only affordable and high-quality but will help to create the admin panel of your site. These HTML5 templates are designed not only to create a nice and convenient admin panel interface, but also to save a lot of time. In just a couple of minutes, the boring admin panel turns into a stylish "control panel and settings" of your site. Of course, in order to apply these designs to your admin panel, you will need some skills, since the template itself is just a set of HTML / jQuery UI tools without PHP files...but for developers with a craving for beauty, these templates are a great choice.

What are the features of the admin panels for such website templates:

  • ● Being created by using HTML5 and CSS3, each template in this category has its semantically accurate, clean, and correct code. This will protect your website from overload;
  • ● Admin panels use the rich functionality of Bootstrap 3;
  • ● You get access to SASS files, CSS components, and JavaScript functions; this will allow your admin panel to adapt itself to any device screen;
  • ● Functions equally well in all modern web browsers;
  • ● The best bootstrap admin panels provide a solid foundation for wider customization through mixins, variables, functions, and other technologies.