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Responsive website templates are very popular among webmasters. Thanks to them, you can significantly save time. By purchasing even a simple website template, you get the opportunity to create a business card website, online store, blog, portal, and much more; it all depends on what you choose.

Let's start with the popular HTML5 templates. What are they good at?

  • ● First of all, these are multimedia features. This version combines HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Now you can place the necessary content (for example, a song or video) using simple tags: video or audio. Using such templates is now easy and convenient.
  • ● HTML5 sites will run on any browser, regardless of its version.
  • ● HTML5 website templates support all audio and video recording formats.

Bootstrap sites are popular, too. If you crave something new from the proposed ready-made layouts for websites, you will definitely enjoy our collection of the best Bootstrap themes. Still in doubt? Well, there is a selection of Bootstrap themes.

Benefits of Bootstrap Templates:

  • ● High adaptability for mobile devices (your site will be ideally displayed both on a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone).
  • ● You can download many Bootstrap templates for free, which you can either use in the originally proposed version, or it’s easy to customize just for your needs thanks to the open-source code.
  • ● Design. Bootstrap has a large number of single templates and layouts.
  • ● Bootstrap elements look harmonious with each other and allow you to create pages and sites in a single style.
  • ● It must be noted that Bootstrap works equally well in a variety of browsers.
  • ● Substantial savings. You save your time and money, first of all, due to the fact that you use ready-made solutions, and do not spend resources on development from scratch.
  • ● Ease of use. It is easy to make the changes you need.

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Frequently asked questions

  • There are numerous free themes available for CMS, most of which are of low quality and their designer/developers generally do not provide technical support. Premium themes are far superior in terms of functionality and design, and also technical support (in most cases).

  • PWT offers a wide assortment of high quality premium themes as well as indefinite technical customer support for a low cost.

  • We currently accept PayPal or a credit/debit card. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.

  • After purchasing a theme, you will be redirected to a members only area where it can be downloaded.

  • Yes, you can freely change whatever you want in your theme - colors, images, layout, fonts and virtually anything related to the theme’s design can be easily modified.

  • Yes, it is acceptable to remove the copyright notice; however, the buyer may not take credit for designing the theme.

  • Whenever a new version of CMS is launched, our developers check PWT themes for compatibility and update them as required. When a new feature is added or we find a bug, we make the updates. New and updated versions are provided free of cost for our existing customers!

  • Yes, all of them are wherever the theme's design allows.

  • We test our themes on all modern browsers: Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.