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Responsive website templates are very popular among webmasters. Thanks to them, you can significantly save time. By purchasing even a simple website template, you get the opportunity to create a business card website, online store, blog, portal, and much more; it all depends on what you choose.

Let's start with the popular HTML5 templates. What are they good at?

  • ● First of all, these are multimedia features. This version combines HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Now you can place the necessary content (for example, a song or video) using simple tags: video or audio. Using such templates is now easy and convenient.
  • ● HTML5 sites will run on any browser, regardless of its version.
  • ● HTML5 website templates support all audio and video recording formats.

Bootstrap sites are popular, too. If you crave something new from the proposed ready-made layouts for websites you will definitely enjoy our collection of the best Shopify themes. Still in doubt? Well, there is a selection of Bootstrap themes.

Benefits of Bootstrap Templates:

  • ● High adaptability for mobile devices (your site will be ideally displayed both on a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone).
  • ● You can download many Bootstrap templates for free, which you can either use in the originally proposed version, or it’s easy to customize just for your needs thanks to the open-source code.
  • ● Design. Bootstrap has a large number of single templates and layouts.
  • ● Bootstrap elements look harmonious with each other and allow you to create pages and sites in a single style.
  • ● It must be noted that Bootstrap works equally well in a variety of browsers.
  • ● Substantial savings. You save your time and money, first of all, due to the fact that you use ready-made solutions, and do not spend resources on development from scratch.
  • ● Ease of use. It is easy to make the changes you need.


In addition to a great template, I was truly impressed with the level of support to questions that came up during the installation process. They responded quickly and thoughtfully, providing screenshot imagery to help aid the theme customization.

Aaron Benson Aaron Benson ipage.com

This education website templates is so amazing. I love it very much. but what really amazing me is the customer service. I have no coding skill actually, but the author could help me with any kind small problems promptly and precisely. I cannot wait to see my site online any more.

Greg Nelson Greg Nelson zivigo.com

The documentation provided wasn't super thorough, so I had a lot of questions while customizing the template. Their customer support was incredibly helpful and quick to respond, however. I'm incredibly happy with the opencart themes - it was a great design base for me to tailor to my brand - and despite not being clear on some of the customization aspects after reading the instructions, I was very happy with the level of support provided to help me through installation and customization.

Olivia Evans Olivia Evans mathsolve.pro

High quality template, the creator is a professional and making sure to maintain it and keep it up to date with the latest trends and practices. The quality of the code is so good, clean and follows the best practices and patterns. Cherry on top, clear and detailed documentation that explains different design choices. Reactive support as well. Usage of Tailwindcss makes it so beautiful and easy to adapt and maintain the CSS. Thank you!


This was the first time when I hired pwtthemes for the website of group companies I own and I must say they astonished with the offers served. I was shown the website templates ranging between as low as 19$ which went upto $115. This was something suited me the best and I could select the template depending upon the level of business my companies had.

David Attard David Attard collectiveray.com

One of the dis-advantage of being a commerce student is the inability of understanding computer language. So was I. But all thanks to pwtthemes, to help me create a website for my marketing project, using HTML website template. The template was simple, user friendly, as well serving the purpose at the most. Best one for beginners. Thumbs up!

Dmitriy Shahov Dmitriy Shahov remarka.info

We bought web design templates here for my writing service, whilst upgrading it every time I find a new classic template suiting my service and keep up with the competition. And not to forget, there has been no compromise in the quality of their service and the efficiency of the designs. Thank you so much for the innovation templates you bring every time.

Daniel Bennett Daniel Bennett

I was adviced by many to create a personal website to showcase and promote my marketing agency and all thanks to my friend (John Sebastian) to recommend pwtthemes. These guys not only kept a bunch of templates on the table depicting a unique feature to depict my dance; but also helped me realize the impact it creates. I am very happy with my online portfolio.

Evgenyi Shestakov Evgenyi Shestakov zapad.rush-agency.ru

I specifically requested for responsive website templates, considering the varied users and clients I indulge with and must say, the template I have selected works very well in all the devices, especially on popular mobile devices. I am very happy with their customer service and the level of perfection in their service. Thank you.

Yehor Kolesnikov Yehor Kolesnikov everad.com
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