Easy Photoshoot Templates PowerPoint template

Easy Photoshoot Templates PowerPoint template

Get 3 industry-renowned Templates to move your work from a part-time job to a successful business

  • Timing for organizing a smooth task-flow
  • Briefing including 14 pages of everything you need
  • Call Sheet for successful management of your shooting day

These templates were built with love, by me, Elizabeth!

I’m a creative producer and photographer, and I know how to produce photo and video shoots that work like a Swiss watch! And not just because I’ve lived for 4 years in Switzerland. In fact, I have worked in the media industry for almost 10 years and produced all kinds of projects in 4 European countries. After working with award-winning film agencies and world-known brands, I have learned the industry standards and what creatives really need.

I’ve taken these experiences to create templates that establish trust, show your professionalism, and make your projects much easier!

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you organizing a photoshoot?

Are you tired of participating in poorly organized projects?

Are you going crazy for waiting for months for your photos?

Are you serious about your job or is it just fun?

Do you want to grow and become better at what you are doing?

Would you like to work with great brands and a team full of professionals?

Have you ever been in a situation when a model didn't show up, you didn't receive your photos, you had nothing to eat and drink during the shoot, the location was unavailable, people were unprepared or you got negative feedback on your work just because they actually wanted something else?

If you've answered YES to most of the questions, then YES, this is FOR YOU!

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Type: PowerPoint Templates
Author: ElizabethZ
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Rating: 4.74
Topic: Photography Templates, Design & Photography, Graphics

Template Software Required: PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 (better), Powerpoint 2007 (recommended) or Powerpoint 2003

Color: black, white, cyan

tags: filming, photography, production, photoshoot, moodboard, timing, project management, project planner, call sheet, creative templates

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