Social Media plugins and Widgets

Social Media plugins and Widgets

Next to search engines, social media services such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter provide the second largest source of internet traffic. This is why implementing social media platforms to your WordPress website or blog is vital in capturing the right audience for your advertising message. A commonly used method to leverage social media services is an interactive ‘plugin‘.

What is a plugin?

Social media ‘plugins‘ are software applications that enable specific utilities under a larger software application such as WordPress.

Plugins are most commonly used as social infrastructure, encouraging visitors to share your content with their friends and family

Social media ‘plugins‘ can help you accomplish your marketing strategies if they are used properly, to captivate social experience and maintain user interest.

Multi Social Media Plugins:

Sexybookmarks – A quite “sexy” and one of the most popular plug-in, being downloaded for more than 1 million of times, which presents you all the social websites, having the possibility of desired buttons selection, for example:

Light Social – A quite old, but very easy to use plug-in. It is one of the best and the most used social media plugins.

Digg Digg – It is a plug-in which integrates well with your design, having different options.

I Love Social Bookmaking – Is a plug-in same to Light Social, but this uses a drop down to save the space.

LifeStream – Keep a complete Facebook, Digg and Twitter activity history.
Social Media Slider – Roll the social media icons for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and RSS in any widget.

Google +1 Plugins:

Google +1 Button – Four displaying styles (standard, small, medium, high). +1 is a very important solution for growing your site Google popularity.

Facebook Plugins:

There are a lot of WordPress plugins connected to Facebook, but the most common has to be the Box Fan Facebook. It shows a defined number of persons (usually the last persons, who liked the page) and a quite big button.

Facebook Share (New) Button – The Share Facebook button just adds a button, which allows you to share the pages and articles from your website, also it presents you the information about how much sharings has this page.

WP-FacebookConnect – Allows the users to authenticate themselves and post comments on your website through Facebook.

Live Stream – Allows the users to see your current activity. It functions better for a real-time event, like launching a game, concert or other events.

RSS Management Plugins:

RSS Footer – Adds a feed content line on the beginning or on the ending of your article, for example, to show a back-link.

FeedStats – You can check the Feed’s statistics (how many people followed it, time duration, etc.)

RSS Link Tagger for Google Analytics – This plug-in adds a ticket to the RSS feed which is read by Google Analytics for counting the people who visited the RSS Feed.

Feed Wrangler – Creates a personalized file in your blog’s topic to structure the RSS feeds.

Twitter Plugins:

WP to Twitter – Send Tweets from your WordPress blog to Twitter. This service is a real economizer of time.

Twitter Friendly Links – Why should you use Bitly or TinyURL, when you can use your own domain? Use it to shorten your links.

Twitter Fans – The same design as the Box Fan Facebook. It shows all the details, number of members, photos and, of course, a big “Follow me on Twitter” button. It is very easy to use and very helpful.