How to Install the WordPress Platform

How to Install the WordPress Platform

To actualize your WordPress platform you will need:

  • A domain or a subdomain
  • A WebHost (which contains 1 MySQL database)
  • WordPress platform, which can be downloaded here: WWW.WORDPRESS.ORG

To upload the files/folders on the server you need to use a program, I recommend the FileZilla!
Go to WWW.WORDPRESS.ORG and download the language platform of your choice. It will be downloaded in .zip format, with the size of approximately 3 MB.

After you’ve finished downloading, create a new folder and unzip the file into it.
Now use the FTP client, in our case the FileZilla application, to upload the files/folders in which you’ve unzipped the WordPress platform.

After we’ve finished uploading files on the server, go to the website address WWW.DOMAIN.EXTENSION.COM or WWW.SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN.EXTENSION.COM to see the next form:

Select ‘Create a Configuration File’, and then ‘Let’s GO!’.
You’ll see:

Fulfill the data: database name, user name, password, database host then click on Submit, and then ‘Run the Install’.

Import the site title, username and password, e-mail spaces and then click on ‘Install WordPress’.
Now log in using the username and password.

Welcome to your website’ board table!