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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source blog and content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many useful features such as its template system and plug-in architecture.

What are WordPress themes?

A Wordpress template or a theme is a readymade design for a Wordpress blog or site. A theme doesn’t make any changes to data on your site - only the site’s appearance is modified.

How is a premium theme different from a free one?

There are numerous free themes available for Wordpress platforms, most of which are of low quality and their designer/developers generally do not provide technical support. Premium themes are far superior in terms of functionality and design, and also technical support (in most cases).

Why should I use PWT Themes?

PWT offers a wide assortment of high quality premium themes as well as indefinite technical customer support for a low cost.

Can your themes be used with a freely hosted WordPress.com account?

Only self-hosted sites and blogs based on Wordpress can make use of PWT themes.

What payment gateways do you accept?

We currently accept PayPal.

After making the payment, how will I gain access to my purchased theme?

After your payment has been made through our PWT Shopping cart and we successfully received the transaction, you will get an e-mail with the download link that will allow you to download the theme 3 times within a 120 hours expiration window. If you do not receive this e-mail please contact us

Can I customize / modify a theme to suit my website’s specific needs?

Yes, you can freely change whatever you want in your theme - colors, images, layout, fonts and virtually anything related to the theme’s design can be easily modified.

Do you give users the right to remove copyright notice in your themes?

Yes, it is acceptable to remove the copyright notice; however, the buyer may not take credit for designing the theme.

How often do you update your themes?

Whenever a new version of WordPress is launched, our developers check PWT themes for compatibility and update them as required. When a new feature is added or we find a bug, we make the updates. New and updated versions are provided free of cost for our existing customers!

Do PWT themes run well on latest the Wordpress version?

All PWT themes are compatible with latest Wordpress version

Are PWT themes compatible with the ‘abc’ plugin?

Thousands of third-party plug-ins are available so we cannot guarantee compatibility with all of them. However, our themes work fine with most plug-ins.

Are PWT theme templates widget-ready?

Yes, all of them are wherever the theme’s design allows.

On which browsers are PWT themes tested?

We test our themes on all modern browsers: Firefox, IE8+, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.