2 WordPress Security Plugins

Investing some time and money into your website will protect it from hackers and spammers. If your knowledge of WordPress development is limited, the best option is to download and install plug-ins. They are easy to install and manage, and can offer extended security. Of course, there is no plug-in sophisticated enough to protect you from every cyber attack, they will prevent many plausible intrusions.

Here are two plug-ins that will help you protect your WordPress website:

WP Security Scan

WP Security Scan will test the integrity of your WordPress installation to prevent security vulnerabilities and will suggest corrective actions. It is regularly updated to maintain top-notch protection.
It’s functions include the protection of vulnerable passwords, file permissions and database security. It also features the ability to hide WP infrastructure to protection your administration systems and will remove all WP Generator META tags from the basic code.
This powerful plug-in can be downloaded here.

AskApache Password Protect

This plug-in doesn’t control WordPress or the database, it rapidly updates existing security and adds implements supplementary security layers to your blog.  These regular updates will stop attack attempts which may exploit your blog’s vulnerabilities, resulting in a broken website.
This plug-in works by using a firewall to protect your blog from these attacks before they can spread malware. In addition, this plugin has the ability of spam-blocking; economizing CPU capacity as well as it’s memory and database resources.